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Ordering food by phone is water under the bridge. After Comidas.pt, you won’t depend on fridge magnets and tones of paper to find what you want to order, you can dismiss the phone contacts and forget those endless lines to receive your meal. Comidas.pt came to make it all simpler, quicker, and without complications.

We are a platform that furfills your online food wishes, and that goes beyond a “restaurant guide”, because we work for the continues improvement of all the ecosystem involved, when the subject is about eating ;)

Your favourite dish is now only a click away, consult the site and you will be connected to the best restaurants near you. With Comidas.pt, you can look at the menu and the prices of each restaurants before deciding what you want to eat. In a brief time you make your order and then just wait for the restaurant to prepare your dish and delivered it were you are. Its practical and safe, Try it!


Where we are? 

At the moment we are serving the city of Faro and Olhão, but our expansion is on the way. Stay sharp because soon we will be in your city, to bring you the best flavours, from the best restaurants, in the comfort of your home


Our history:

It was the year of 2010, when the idea came up. In the Algarve market there was a necessity to exist a service, that included the best quality restaurants and put them “on wheels”. We are a great distribution and phone answering team, because we wanted to serve our customers in the best way, earning the trust of many customers that daily use our services. In 2012 we came to the city of Olhão, with the same ambition we came further, and in the year 2015, the will was born to give our users, a new experience of delivering food at home, were you can see photos of each restaurant’s dish, book orders, pay with ATM, online payment (soon), share with your friends on Facebook your favourite dishes, and see the dishes with the best comments. With a platform that reaches the best restaurants that home deliver, we inspire to become “The “Delivery” site in Portugal.