1.1 This TERM applies to regulate the use of the service provided by Comidas.pt to their users, in witch given the choice, by the USERS, by the registered RESTAURANTS, and by online, and effect the acquisition (and home delivery and take-away) of food products supplied by the RESTAURANTS, according with the available menu, being equally possible, for the USERS to effect the payment of the product prices by online (when applied)

1.2 The Comidas.pt service is about getting the USERS and RESTAURANTS registered closer to each other, allowing the USERS to send to the RESTAURANTS the delivery requests of the food products, allowing, and that being the option of the USERS, to receive online payment of the product price delivered to the USER by the RESTAURANTS. 

1.3 From the beginning its clear to the USER- in witch he declares aware - that the service offered by Comidas.pt is only as an intermediate (with on-line payment) for the commercialization of the food products, not being involved in the preparation of the food, packaging, availability and physical delivery (by distribution way or by a third partied) of the products, being these four terms of total responsibility of the RESTAURANT, where any complains should be redirected about any problems that occurred, by defect or confectionary errors, preparations and food delivery.



2.1 The USER, to use the services above, should have the legal ability for civil acts and should necessarily give the demanded information to the RECORD, assuming total responsibility (including civil and legal) for the veracity and truth of the information provided for the REGISTRATION RECORD, that can be checked at any time by Comidas.pt.

2.1.1 In case of incorrect information, not credible or un-checked, as well as the negative chance to correcting them or send documentations that proves the correction, Comidas.pt reserves the right of not including the on going registration, or even blocking the existing registration, denying the USER of using on-line services until Comidas.pt decides that the anomaly in this situation is regulated and corrected. Comidas.pt holds itself in the right of stopping at its own judgement new REGISTRATIONS, or cancel those already made, in case of detecting an anomaly in witch its thought to be a deliberate attempt to break or scam the rules here mentioned, that are and obligation to all USERS. Comidas.pt will also act this way if The USER does not comply with his obligations predicted in this TERM

2.2 After successfully effecting the REGISTRATION, the USER will have access to the services throw login and password, data that you commit not to share to a third partied, being exclusively under your own responsibility any solicitations of services that are made with the login and password of your titleship .



3.1 After effecting with success the RESGISTRATION of the USER, he is obligated not to share with a third partied the login and access password, and not allowing the use of this information by others, being responsible for the consequences of login and password of his titleship

3.2 The USER is obligated to provide true and exact information when registering, being exclusively responsible (in all legal ways) for all the content about him self showed in the REGISTRATION RECORD, and maintaining updated to confirm the address where the products are delivered.

3.3 The USER is also obligated to pay the full price of the products ordered from the RESTAURANT and that are delivered to you, if by on-line, or any other mean (money, checks, coupons, etc…), directly to the carrier of the products ordered by this site.

3.4 If the USER  is under 18 he must be aware that he can not order and acquire, under any condition, alcohol products, being him self responsible for the correct information of age, shown in the REGISTATON item  

3.5 The USER agrees with the use of the available information and also the RESTAURANT and Comidas.pt services feedback, like explained in the PRIVACY TERMS of Comidas.pt.



4.1 To in our the site www.comidas.pt give the virtual space that allows the correct registered USER to request and buy food products announced and sold by the RESTAURANTS, and also, showing online to the USER, the payment means of the products prices.

4.2 To protect, by storing means in servers and other high security magnetic devices, the confidentiality of all the information and USER registration data, as well as the values of the financial operations made by the services announced in this present TERM. However not being responsible for the damage repair that can occur throw apprehension or access by a third partied if accessing this information by breaching the security systems.



5.1 The present TERM OF USE, can at any time have its content or part of it, modified for adapting or insertions, all of this for the improvement of the available services
5.2 The new conditions will count from the moment they are inserted in the site, being possible for the USER to manifest his opposition of any terms modified, but this must be done by writing to the site www.comidas.pt, witch will manage the cancelling of your REGISTRATION RECORD.



6.1 To establish contact between Comidas.pt and the USER, the email address of this link is always available, being the USER also obligated to maintain his current email address for intermediation of the communications that will be made to him directed and send by Comidas.pt, and that from the beginning has the legal validation and effectiveness of this electronic mean of information change (ou-swap) between the two parties. 



7.1 The USER declares to have read understood and accepted all rules, conditions and obligations established in the present TERM.



8.1 Both parties elect as competent, to resolve possible controversies that can appear in the interpretation and following of the present TERM, the court of Faro county.