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These are the more frequent questions asked:


What is

The portal is a service that allows you to order meals through the Internet, using the Delivery service of the best  restaurants available in your city.


How does work?

Select your City and Location, choose witch restaurants are closer to you and make your order. Your can view all restaurants in your city and choose the kind of cousine you are looking for in that moment. Then when your make your order and chose the type of payment , just relax and wait for the food to come to you. We at take care of the rest for you.


How does work?

Select your city and location, choose which restaurants are available to you and make your order. Your can view all restaurants in your city and choose the type of cuisine that you are looking for at that moment. After you make an order and choose the payment method , just relax and wait for the food to arrive. We at take care of the rest for you.

How do i order using

To order using our site follow these steps

1 - Access to

2 - Indicate your City and delivery Zone.

3 - Select the type of cuisine.

4 - Choose your favorite meals.

5 - Wait about 30 to 60 minutes for the delivery to arrive(it may take a bit longer).


To order by phone follow these steps

1 - Before calling check the delivery schedule

2 - Call to:  919 87 86 10 (Geral) / 289 87 86 20 (Faro) / 284 09 80 08 (Beja).

3 - Indicate your phone number and full address.

4 - Make your order, indicating the dishes, drinks and desserts intended.

5 - Wait about 30 to 60 minutes for the delivery to arrive(it may take a bit longer).


What kind of restaurants do you offer?

We have partnerships with the most diverse restaurants, from bigger partners until that small pizza place near your home, that prepares pizza just the way you like it. We offer more than 15 kitchen types like pizza, Chinese food, Italian, Japanese, snacks, and a lot more.


What kind of kitchen do you recommend?

We love cooking in general and gastronomy. We love to experiment/try new things, so we worry about offering a diverse type of kitchens in our site. We have all kind of options, from Chinese till pizzas. (So) we recommend that you also (that also you - tambem é correcto) experiment/try new options/things.


Can I order drinks too? 

Of course! Most of the restaurants have drinks in their menu. View and add drinks to kill your thirst.


What kind of drinks do you have?        

Just view the menu of the restaurants and you will see the drink section, containing the options that they offer.


Do you have menus in other languages?

We are working on it right now. Our website has versions in Portuguese only, at the moment. Now we are translating the menus to English and Spanish, to help the people that visit our country and want to order food at home, in an easy and quick way in their own language.


Do you have menus for children?

That depends of each restaurant. Some offer options for children, and others don’t.

View the menus and don’t let the children starve! 


How do I know that my order went to the restaurant?

You will get an e-mail confirmation, confirming the dishes that you ordered and the estimated delivery time


Can I order dishes from different restaurants at the same time?

You can order different items of the menu, but only from one restaurant. Each request should be done and paid separately. 


Can I adapt the dishes without following exactly what’s on the menu?

You can choose between the options offered for every dish. For example, for a hamburger you can add cheese, bacon, egg, etc, if the restaurant offers these options. And you can also use the OBSERVATION topic to order for example “Countryside pizza without onions” or a “well done chesseburger”


What’s the price oscillation of the restaurants?

We have a great variety of restaurants, that offer dishes whit varied prices. We have prices for all pocket sizes, view the menus!


What’s the price oscillation of the restaurants?

We have a great variety of restaurants, that offer dishes with varied prices. We have prices for all pocket sizes, view the menus!


Is there any extra tax delivery? If yes, what is the price?

That depends on each restaurant. Normally the ones that are closer to you, deliver with lower taxes. If the distributor has to travel too far to make the delivery, the price will normally be more expensive. At our shopping cart, when you begin your order, that information will be well visible.


Why don't i have access to all restaurants in my delivery location?

If your delivery location is too far from the restaurant, many restaurants prefer to restrict their action. Inside your delivery location, you can always suggest us restaurants, and we will have all the pleasure contacting them.


Is your site safe? How can we be sure?

We have a customer service department that monotorizes the orders, and if they are being correctly received by the restaurants in case there is any problem in that area. So don't be afraid, make your order now.


What are the available payment methods?

It depends from restaurant to restaurant. The majority accepts debit cards, credit cards, food stamps, checks and cash. The payment must be done at the delivery time, directly to the distributor, and a single payment must be done with the total amount of the order. We are working to implement the online payment, that will make that process easier.


How long will the delivery take?

It depends of the number of orders and the distance from the restaurant to the delivery location. The normal delivery time, is between 45 to 60 minutes, but when the distributor is on the way to your address, we will send you a message saying the distributor is on the way and the estimated delivery time to arrive.


If i add any product as a extra, will the restaurant do it?

If in the product there isn't a option do add extras, the restaurant won't do it. But if you put any observation to remove ingredients, or even a observation saying that you'd like the meat well done, the respective restaurant will do it.


If the delivery takes too long, to i get a discount? is responsible just for passing requests to restaurants and doesn't have control over the delivery of the meals. However we are always by your side and we will do everything to help you. You can contact us, we will discuss with the restaurant to check what happened and what we can do about it. Call us or send us a email and we will help you!


Where is my food? To who should i call to complain? only transmits the requests to the restaurants, we do not make the delivery itself. But you can always call directly to the restaurant, if you prefer. We will be here to help, always. Get in touch with us, that we will immediately intervene and help you to receive your request quickly. Contact us through (+351) 289 87 86 20 (12:00-14:30 |19:00-22:30).


How do i cancel my order?

It depends on what restaurant you made the order. In the first 5 minutes after making the request, it's always possible to cancel it. Call us immediately and we will help you in the best possible way.


Can i make any changes in my order?

In the first 5 minutes after you make your request, you can make any changes that you want. Call us right away, and we will try to help you. If by any means the order already left to be delivered, unfortunately it won't be possible to change anything.


I didn't get my order. Why did that happened?

Sometimes there can occur an error in receiving the order from the restaurant. You can always contact the restaurant to complain, but we are here to help you. Please get in touch with us that we will do all the intermediation near the restaurant.


I didn't get an order confirmation. Is it possible that the restaurant received it?

That barely happens. If you made an order and didn't get a confirmation email from us, then check if it isn't in the spam folder or something like that. However, to be sure, you can always contact us to check if everything is ok! Pay attention to the delivery schedule of each restaurant.


The food i ordered was awful. What do i do to get my money back? offers a simple and fast way to order food at home by internet. We aren't responsible for the preparation and delivery of the food. If you aren't happy with the food quality, you can contact directly the restaurant. Even though we are here to help you. Get in touch with us that we will make the bridge between you and the restaurant.


Help me!!! I have more questions. Who can i talk to?

You can always send an email to or call to 89 87 86 20 or 919 87 86 10. (12:00-14:30 |19:00-22:30).


Is there any cost to register at

None. And making an order for delivery at home also does not cost anything more. It's the same thing as ordering on the phone, just easier and faster.


Do you provide cutlery, napkins, cups, etc? is only responsible for passing requests to restaurants and not for delivering meals and other items. If you need cutlery or any other item, just add a comment to the restaurant through the observation camp.