How to Order?

Choose from several cuisine types and restaurants and let the rest to us.

We coordinate everything to be delivered to your home, the more quickly and conveniently way.


Enter your city and area

Tell us what your city and zone are you in, so we can list the restaurants that deliver food near you.


Choose Restaurant

Does not know what to eat? Browse the restaurant menu and select an option within your type of Favourite meal.


Select your desired items

Navigate through the Menu and add the products of your choice. It has restrictions on some sort of condiment? Just use the comments field of each product and let your requests clear. Finished choose what you wanted? Check your order in the shopping cart. If everything is correct, click "Finish".


Do Your Register or Login

It's your first access to the site? No problem. Make the registration because we need a few details so that your request be delivered to your door. If you already have registration, just make your login and save time in choosing.


Choose Payment Method

See your order then choose from our methods of payment (cash, ATM or check) and click "Finish".


Simple, Fast and Uncomplicated